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Is Mayor Anthony Defillipo pretending to live in NMB?

At the end of last year, Mayor Defillipo sold his home of 14 years and in August of this year he purchased a home in Davie, a town in another county for $1.2 million cash.


You can review the property appraiser's record for yourself in Miami-Dade County ( and in Broward County ( and see the truth of these claims for yourself. You are getting 100% documented facts unlike the "Wake Up NMB" group who doesn't care about evidence but win-at-all-costs slander.


The sale of the Defillipo house in North Miami Beach for $495,000 which also paid off his mortgage (first image below) and the purchase of a new home in Broward County for $1,226,430.00 without a mortgage (second image below):

Where else could Mayor Sell-out live? He owns a few investment properties in North Miami Beach

  • Two 1 bedroom, 1 bath condos in North Miami Beach (too small for his family of 4)

  • Two commercial lots in the railway district near the TECO gas plant (not a residential area)

The Florida Constitution and the city charter requires elected officials to maintain a continuous residency. Any residency requirement for an office is a continuous one. Failure to maintain the

residency throughout the term results in vacancy in office. See generally s. 3,Art.X, Fla. Const. and s.114.01(1)(g),F.S.

Should any elected official of the City of North Miami Beach, during his term of office, change his bona fide residence from within to without the City of North Miami Beach, his seat on the Council shall be automatically vacated and forfeited. See North Miami Beach City Charter s. 7.5(d).

A few questions from all this:

Where did Mayor Sell-out get over $1.2 million dollars to purchase a luxury villa cash in another county?

Does North Miami Beach still have a legally seated mayor?

What else is Mayor Sell-out doing while everyone is focused on the race-baiting he and his allies in the right-wing hate group called “Wake Up NMB” are using to distract from their public corruption to help elect one of their own: Jay Chernoff?

North Miami Beach voters deserve to know the truth before they vote in the upcoming November 22nd run-off election between the “Wake Up NMB” candidate Jay Chernoff and the incumbent Commissioner Paule Villard.

Before you vote, learn the truth at


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