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Comparing Campaign Finances of NMB Mayor Candidates

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The campaign finance reporting is now on a weekly schedule a month before Election Day, December 5, 2023. See the reporting schedule below provided by the City Clerk's Office website. Then let's compare and see who is supporting these campaigns.

Evan Piper campaign started in July while Paule Villard campaign started in August as a result there is more activity to report from the Piper campaign.

The clerk has been posting campaign treasurer reports very late. The last two SE 4 and SE 5 reports were published on the night before Thanksgiving. We expect the remaining SE 6 and SE 7 reports to be published publicly after Election Day.

NMB Campaign Finance Reporting Schedule (2023 Special Election)
NMB Campaign Finance Reporting Schedule (2023 Special Election)

Evan Piper campaign through the SE 5 report (through 11/10/23) is reporting:


TOTAL Monetary Contributions to Date



TOTAL Monetary Expenditures to Date



Paule Villard campaign through the SE 5 report (through 11/10/23) is reporting:


TOTAL Monetary Contributions to Date



TOTAL Monetary Expenditures to Date



According to the campaign finance reporting, the Piper campaign is definitely relying on money from real estate interests and the endorsement of the Defillipo-led commissioners while Villard looks to be running a nearly all-volunteer effort. However, there have been a number of political groups supporting both Piper and Villard, too as follows mostly based on what I have received in the mail, email or text message with none of them having to report their donors (or at least before Election Day).

Piper backing political organizations:

WakeUp NMB, Inc., 1440 NE 177th Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33162. This is the group sending out misleading claims that 28-year law enforcement veteran Paule Villard is a criminal and thief (read all about them here).

Miami Dade First, 1800 Coral Way, 454351, Miami, FL 33145. A political committee formed by Pedro Diaz, a South Florida political consultant. They do not have to report their campaign finance until the end of the next quarter. This is the political committee that is claimed to have paid for the mailing of a cartoon design describing Paule Villard as a thief that has been shared by WakeUp NMB.

South Florida Vision, 2600 S. Douglas Rd Ste 800, Coral Gables, FL 33134. They donated $1,000 to the Evan Piper Campaign. This political committee is chaired by David Moscoso, a Republican land use attorney.


Villard backing political organizations:

South Florida Accountability Project, PO Box 30295, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33303. This is political committee chaired by attorney Jason H. Haber. There has been 2 mailings and 1 text message seen from this political committee in support of Paule Villard.

Hispanic Vote, 888 SE 3rd Avenue #400-D, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316. This is organization run by attorney Michael Garcia who endorsed Paule Villard. There has been 1 mailing seen from this political committee in support of Paule Villard.

Florida Democratic Party. I received an email from FDP Chair Nikki Fried asking Democrats to vote for "Democrat Paule Villard is running in the Special Election for City of North Miami Beach Mayor". The Paule Villard Campaign had released a text message a few weeks back about the Florida Democratic Party endorsement.


For the sake of privacy and the lack of need to show people's addresses, we're only showing the city/state for people while complete addresses for business contributors and on expenditures.

Evan Piper Campaign Finance Breakdown


After a $10,000 personal loan, the Evan Piper campaign received nearly $23,000 in contributions from real estate investors, holding companies, contractors and their lobbyists representing nearly 40% of all contributions. Once we calculate individual contributions related to these real estate interests such as family and business partners using the same business address or political figures then special interests (defined as interests that put their business over the public interest) represent over half of all contributions to the Piper campaign.

The Piper campaign's expenditures include a number of vendors including Blueprint Consulting, LLC out of Miami for marketing & website design (total of $7,104.00), Dark Horse Strategies & Consulting out of Miami for consulting (total of $12,100.00), Strategic Campaign Consultants, Inc. run by lobbyist Mitch Edelstein with Epicenter Consulting, LLC possibly linked to Mitch Edelstein since it is also based in North Bay Village, both for consulting (combined total of $7,625.00), First Impression Enterprises, Inc. for marketing which is likely direct mail since it comes up so often (for a total of $3,445.40) and finally, Hubert Campbell, aka former Senator Daphne Campbell's husband and a notorious “bolletero” ballot harvester (total of $4,000.00). Diaz Consulting Group, Inc. (for a total of $3,170.00) seems to be a late addition to the consultants as part of a dark money scheme to open a political committee Miami Dade First which will not disclose campaign finances until after the election (previously mentioned).

That's a lot of “consulting” money going around...

Paule Villard Campaign Finance Breakdown


After a sudden filing to run at the end of the qualifying period and loaning the campaign to pay the qualifying fee, the Paule Villard campaign does not seem to be aggressively fundraising with two contributions of the maximum amount check for $1,000 from the law firm of former North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre and from entrepreneur John Rogan who appears to own different companies in the Miami area. Two more contributors for $500 from Kerline Pierre, a professional nurse and Saint-Eloi Lucel, a retired North Miami Beach resident.

The Paule Villard campaign shows that they are paying $500 to BAZ Promotion & Advertising for some form of promotions (advertising) and $1,500 to Accurate Business Systems for its printing needs.

Campaign Finance Details

To see the raw data of the campaign finance filings, visit the live Google Sheet as it will be updated as data is made available from the city clerk (currently reporting through 11/10/23).

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