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VIDEO: Top 5 Lies About Where Anthony Defillipo Lived

From December 2022 and over a year later, Anthony F. Defillipo, the former mayor of North Miami Beach who is awaiting trial for criminal allegations of voting where he didn't live kept up a series of lies as a pretense of living in North Miami Beach to remain in office. These are the top 5 lies made up by Defillipo and other elected commissioners trying to block or outright excuse his actions.

In order of appearance:

1) At the December 20, 2022 city commission meeting, former Mayor Anthony "Tony" Defillipo says "He's always lived in North Miami Beach" and says he's living in Eastern Shores.

2) To NBC Miami's Willard Shepard, Esq., Defillipo claims to always be living in a one bedroom condo in Eastern Shores and denies having the unit rented.

3) Back to the December 20, 2022 city commission meeting, Commissioner Fortuna Smukler says that she'd seen Defillipo driving into Eastern Shores and later in an interview with Glenna Milberg claims not to know where Defillipo lives.

4) Defillipo gives a sworn statement swearing that instead of living in his Eastern Shores condo, he was living with his mother.

5) Lastly, to an interview with Glenna Milberg, Defillipo says this is all a "criminal conspiracy" against him...

When you go to vote in North Miami Beach, consider all the lies, the disgraceful cover up attempts and the harm that was brought to NMB to keep themselves in power.

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