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Recent NMB History of Right Wing Racist Politics

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Long before we have heard the call to "Make America Great Again!" the city of North Miami Beach has been at the center of controversy in race relations for years.

Remember, these are the people who are asking you to support Jay Chernoff to the North Miami Beach City Commission.

Florida Army National Guardsmen discovered mug shots of African American men apparently used as targets by North Miami Beach Police snipers, who had used the range before the Guardsmen. North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis loudly defended the practice before retiring soon after a national #UseMeInstead outcry.

On May 23, 2019, the North Miami Beach city commission voted to censure Mayor Tony DeFillipo after he wrote on Facebook that he believed North Miami Beach had fired its former city clerk so the city's Haitian lawmakers could "put in a person of there [sic] own heritage and do what they want!!!"

Commissioner Michael Joseph, who proposed the reprimand, said from the dais that after DeFillipo made his comments on social media, someone called Joseph with a death threat.

Court documents filed Sunday show that Nicholes Lentz is charged in a criminal complaint with illegally being in a restricted building and disruptive and disorderly conduct.

Lentz, 41, is a former North Miami Beach police officer who also served with the Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to an FBI affidavit. There have been numerous people affiliated with law enforcement and the military charged with participating in the riot.

Lentz was identified though Facebook posts, including by North Miami Beach Mayor Anthony DeFillipo.

A ludicrously fake story about the Supreme Court abolishing the teaching of Islam in public schools began spreading across conservative so-called news sites. The article circulated with clickbait-y headlines celebrating Donald Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch for supposedly pissing off Muslims and Obama.

"Here comes the sun!" DeFillipo wrote above a link to the story on a totally legit-sounding site called "America grew balls again! #USA the integrity of this nation shall never be compromised!!!"

Commenters quickly pointed out the story was faker than Trump's tan.

But DeFillipo, a property manager elected to North Miami Beach's council in 2013, refused to back down. He responded to critics with made-up quotes the story claimed were from a ruling written by Gorsuch.

Among them: “We should [sic] be teaching any religions in this country besides standard Judeo-Christianity, as our founders wanted, and we certainly shouldn’t be filling the children with lies about Islam being a 'religion of peace' when they see the carnage on the news almost every day.”

On February 15, 2022, the North Miami Beach city commission censured Commissioner Barbara Kramer for the following reasons:

  • For her inflammatory and racially charged comments toward her colleagues on the commission;

  • Referring to Commissioner Michael Joseph as a third of a man, which echoes the now removed “three-fifths clause” of the United States Constitution, where black slaves were counted as three-fifths of a white individual;

  • During public meetings, she refers to her Black colleagues as “you people”and constantly yells at them like they are children when comments are made with which she disagrees;

  • She uses her social media page to attack her Black colleagues by posting racially charged comments from a blogger, who once posted an electronic Blackface of the current African-American City Manager to ridicule the City Manager,

  • She reposted comments from the blogger included calling only Black officials criminals, corrupt and dumb even though these Black officials are not under any criminal investigation.

Rabbi Robert Kaplan attempted to deescalate the conflict by challenging Commissioner Barbara Kramer to desist from her hate speech on the night she was censured for hate speech about her “Black” colleagues. She rejected his plea and did not apologize for insulting his wife on social media. See the video below for his complete remark:

Remember, these are the people who are asking you to support Jay Chernoff to the North Miami Beach City Commission.

North Miami Beach voters deserve to know the truth before they vote in the upcoming November 22nd run-off election between the “Wake Up NMB” candidate Jay Chernoff and the incumbent Commissioner Paule Villard.

Before you vote, learn the truth at

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