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Mayor Sell-out Defillipo: The Developer's Mayor

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

North Miami Beach Anthony "Sell-out" Defillipo has admitted to being the realtor on a real estate transactions involving a property that was being considered for substantial city approvals for zoning changes and other permissions and that he took advantage of his official position to benefit himself and his client. There are at least 3 deals of this nature where he has participated in and not disclosed. The deals together could represent over $1 million in commissions for him.

At the meeting of North Miami Beach City Commission on February 15, 2022, Defillipo admitted to regularly using his role as mayor to support his real estate business and mentioned an "ethics opinion" that allowed to get around the prohibition in the Florida Constitution and State Law. A copy of the original ethics opinion can be read here.

The ethics opinion revealed to the extent in which Defillipo was involved in the multi-million-dollar sales transaction at 16300 NE 19th Avenue with CEO Contract, Inc. and 163 St Executive Center, LLC. Despite recusing himself in the deal, he actively participated in the decision-making steering the city approvals that pocketed him a healthy commission.

The North Miami Beach city commission clearly responding to Defillipo's illegal and unethical business practices related to the above ethics opinion passed a new ethics ordinance titled "Prohibiting Conflict of Interest in Land Use Matters" charging the Miami-Dade County Ethics Commission in its enforcement. The complete ethics ordinance can be found here.

During this meeting, Defillipo opposed his colleagues' move in a lengthy discussion where he admitted his business practices required his ability to exercise his authority in the city (but only ONE time according to him --- don't believe that). Listen to his explanation (the entire exchange lasted for nearly an hour but it's been reduced to about 8 minutes for you):

Mayor Anthony "Sell-out" Defillipo is one of the strongest supporters of Jay Chernoff for the city commission. If election, Chernoff will join the Developer's Mayor who has been caught multiple times working for developers while abusing his official authority to give these developers whatever they ask including replacing our single family home neighborhoods with unaffordable luxury condominiums.

North Miami Beach voters deserve to know the truth before they vote in the upcoming November 22nd run-off election between the “Wake Up NMB” candidate Jay Chernoff and the incumbent Commissioner Paule Villard.

Before you vote, learn the truth here at

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